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Helping Hands Team

We offer a committed service provision for unique situations, encouraging our clients to bloom to their maximum potential.

Helping Hands companions are dedicated Senior Home Care service providers :

  • Fully bonded and insured
  • Certified in First Aid and CPR
  • Certified for Food Safety
  • Have current criminal record background clearance
  • Are professional, honest, compassionate encouragers, acting with integrity and a true desire to develop genuine friendships through relationship building.
  • Have relevant and essential life skills which are juxtaposed with in house training for optimal client care.
bloom to your maximum potential

We don't suddenly develop a work ethic, we practice work ethics every day.

Whether a client uses our Senior Home Care service for personal companionship, social outings, errands and transport or home help, our team is committed to providing the kind of service interaction which leaves clients feeling cared for and special – adding an extra dimension of quality to their daily lives. Developing a personal relationship with clients through a one–on–one service interaction, utilizing the same team member for each appointment, is an integral component of our business.

Speaking of the team Janette says, I feel honoured to have such a great team on board – each one hand–picked for their wonderful personality, unique qualities and varied talents. We are a dedicated group with a vital synergy which translates into great teamwork. We love interacting in seniors' lives, providing the extra help necessary to maximize independence and enhance lifestyle. We have made some very special friendships with our clients and look forward to many more over the coming years. We feel privileged to provide such a worthwhile and necessary service.

Janette Kelly, Owner ⁄ Operator

Helping Hands Team
Helping Hands Team

Vivienne, Janette's sister, was an integral member of the family–run rest home (assisted living) in the UK. Vivienne also owned and operated a successful recruitment business, utilizing her well–honed people skills to help others find valued and worthwhile employment. On moving to Canada in 2005, Vivienne continued to use her interpersonal skills in her husband's custom cabinet business, as the Customer Liaison Manager. As demand for Helping Hands grew, Vivienne was Janette's first and natural choice of a perfect companion. Her warm and generous personality is greatly valued by all her clients.

Helping Hands Team

In serving people for most of her adult life, Joanne now loves being part of the Helping Hands team. She was the (now retired) owner and operator of 'Royal Victorian Weddings' for twelve years and through this experience served hundreds of clients, dealing with emotional as well as practical issues. Joanne also managed a large guest facility in Hawaii, creating a relaxing and welcoming environment for guests and making sure each person's needs were fully met. With that same heart for service and detail she now takes great pleasure in bringing comfort and joy into the lives of her senior clients. We are blessed to have Joanne's years of experience and service available to us as she continues to brighten the lives of those she serves.

Helping Hands Team

As a preferred driver and companion for several clients, Janette's husband Al steps up to the plate in so many ways. With a warm and cheerful disposition Al goes the extra mile to assist clients with the small details we take so much for granted. Happy to help out with household 'fix–its', computer problems and a myriad of other tasks, Al can always be relied on to get the job done. Volunteering as a Sunday speaker at Victoria–based care homes Al is a welcome visitor – especially when he is accompanied by Janette and, of course, Nelly in her role as a therapy dog. A board member of various non–profit societies Al juggles tasks and commitments with enthusiasm and efficiency. As the 'go to' guy in so many situations we would be lost without Al's valuable contribution to the HH team. We greatly value his dedication and support both of clients and team members alike.

Helping Hands Team

Having lived most of her life in Victoria, Lily's work experience started with the Ministry of Health and then she worked as a secretary for a church in Victoria where she served for over 20 years. During the last five years with the church, Lily also started working as a senior's companion on a part–time basis and, just loves it . From packing boxes and preparing for a clients' house move to just being there as a friend, Lily's heart for serving others is evident in all aspects of her work. She brings patience, compassion, dedication and commitment as she develops relationships with her clients.

I am fulfilled when I can be a blessing to others, lifting up their spirits, encouraging them and bringing joy into their lives , says Lily.

A perfect fit for the Helping Hands team; we are delighted to have Lily on board.

Helping Hands Team

Joanne comes to Helping Hands with over 20 years' experience working in the pharmaceutical world, where she dealt with many seniors and their families on a daily basis. When listening to stories and concerns relating to the difficulties of aging Joanne knew that she wanted to do more to help. When the opportunity arose for her to become involved directly in seniors' lives on a practical and personal level she readily and happily rose to the occasion Talking about her new career

Joanne says, When the time came for me to change jobs I knew exactly what I wanted to do and that was to work with seniors. This role fulfills me as a person and I hope to make a small difference in what is sometimes a very difficult time in seniors' lives.

Joanne is delighted to be able to use her life experience and warm, personable approach to touch the lives of those she now helps. We are thrilled to have her as a member of our team.

Helping Hands Team

Born and raised in Alberta, Sharon acquired her great communication skills whilst helping out in the family retail business. Hands–on with customers young and old, and meeting their needs in a warm and friendly manner, she soon learned the art of listening in order to more fully understand her clients. That early education would stand her in good stead for the rest of her days and was the door-opener for a love of serving seniors.

Married for 30 years with 4 grown children and several grandchildren, Sharon has a busy life but wouldn't have it any other way She balances working in the business she manages with her husband with her HH clients, and still finds time as a grandma to hang out with the little ones and spread her infectious love and laughter throughout the generations

In her spare time Sharon loves nothing better than to go for long walks and appreciates the simple yet profound beauty in nature and creation.

Having volunteered to lead singing in care facilities for over 30 years, Sharon has come to value and understand more readily the various challenges which seniors face on a day–to–day basis. The eternal optimist, she is compassionate and caring and loves to encourage others and help lift their spirits.

It is these combined attributes and a life which has been spent serving others that makes Sharon the ideal team member. She loves listening to the stories of her clients and gleaning their wisdom and experience so that she can, in turn, pass it on to others – and always with a cheerful smile. Welcome Sharon

Helping Hands Team

A native of Smithers, BC, Monika has lived in Victoria for the past 25 years, raising her family and working part–time as a seniors' companion. With 10 grandchildren and counting she stays busy with her family and her work Until recently Monika worked with Mercy Ships Canada, a non–profit provider of free medical treatment to third–world countries. Now back doing what she loves most — serving one–on–one in client care — Monika shares her joy and enthusiasm with her Helping Hands clients. Her cheerful disposition, can–do attitude and heart for seniors are greatly appreciated as she brings a sense of order and harmony to the homes she visits and brightens lives along the way.

Helping Hands Team

A native of Switzerland, Marie–Noelle trained as a licensed nurse and spent several years working in nursing homes in Switzerland before stepping away from nursing to raise her two girls. Having moved to Canada with her husband and children, Marie–Noelle has kept busy with family commitments whilst maintaining a heart for seniors. Volunteering with young and old alike, Marie–Noelle's natural heart for care and compassion is a perfect fit for her work with Helping Hands. Fluent in French and English, Marie–Noelle is able to reach clients who prefer to communicate in Canada's other official language — a great asset for those clients who miss speaking their French native tongue. Her bright and cheery personality, coupled with her energy and enthusiasm for music (she plays classical guitar), sports and a love of nature give Marie–Noelle a special sparkle which her clients recognize and appreciate. We are delighted to have a warm and talented bi–lingual team member on board.

Helping Hands Team

Suzanne is a talented companion and an excellent communicator. She has worked with seniors both in Quebec and Vancouver and has also worked on Bowen Island as a recreational assistant with the CNIB. We are now delighted to have Suzanne as part of the HH team serving Greater Victoria. Suzanne also teaches English as an additional language to students of all ages – mostly Koreans – personalizing study to target the individual strengths and needs of each student. Suzanne uses a similar approach when working with seniors by tuning in to what each client needs and wants, respecting their preferences and being encouraging. She enjoys conversations with older people and hearing their stories. Suzanne is also a writer and editor and is more than happy to work with clients who want to write a book or tell their own story.

Helping Hands Team

Wanda has over twenty years' experience in home support, serving seniors. Having three children and five grandchildren Wanda has had plenty of experience helping others in all stages of life. Wanda's many talents include home decorating, gardening, crafts, baking, cake decorating, knitting and sewing to name but a few, enabling her to undertake a myriad of home–oriented tasks with competency and flair. With a genuine love for people, demonstrated in various volunteer positions, personal interaction and the development of trusted and meaningful relationships is what keeps Wanda fresh and engaging in her companionship service at Helping Hands. The diversity of unique individuals, all with varied backgrounds, allows Wanda to be both creative and caring, utilizing her talents. Speaking of her role within the HH team Wanda says,

What a blessing it is to look after people to the best of my God–given ability and help them to feel safe, secure and valued. This is a wonderful new chapter in my life.

Helping Hands Team

A native of Nanaimo Yvonne has spent most of her life in Victoria. A single mom who raised two children, Yvonne knows from experience that encouragement and compassion go hand in hand in helping others get through challenging circumstances. A great encourager and people person, Yvonne loves nothing better than helping people see the glass half full and developing a positive outlook on life.

From her work in care facilities as a concierge, to assisting her 86 year old mother, Yvonne knew her personal skills could have more impact on the lives of the seniors she loved if she worked with them on a one-on-one basis. It was a very natural step to transition into companion and home support work, where Yvonne thrives on the interactions with her clients.

With a passion for the outdoors, Yvonne enjoys walking, travelling and being with family. Her love of travel has encompassed missions work in the US, Mexico and the Philippines.

Her warm and cheerful disposition, upbeat and positive attitude and love for life make Yvonne an ideal member of the HH team and we are delighted to have her on board

Helping Hands Team

Dianne is a long–term resident of Victoria.  She is still in the process of raising children, with her youngest still a teenager.  When not busy working Dianne and her family enjoy camping and boating. Having cared for her elderly mother–in–law, Helping Hands was a very natural progression for Dianne.  Her warm and friendly personality endears her to clients in a very natural way. Cooking, shopping and homemaking are a natural fit for Dianne . Being gluten intolerant she understands clients' special dietary needs and is able to quickly put together delicious meals for the freezer or straight to the table Dianne cherishes the relationships that develop with her clients and one of the many rewards she gets from her work is the ability to share stories and interests. She truly loves being a companion and we truly love having her on board

Helping Hands Team

Jan has always had an interest in the elderly and as a child often visited retirement homes and sang for the residents on Sunday afternoons. Following a successful career in the Canadian Air Force as an Air Traffic Controller, Protocol Officer and Missile Warning Commander at NORAD, in her retirement Jan naturally leant towards her early love of working with seniors. Jan's career in the Air Force helped to hone her communication and practical skills and opened up myriad opportunities for amazing life experiences. She finds mature' adults delightful to visit with and has a strong interest in their personal history and life stories.  Jan loves to camp and fish with her husband and she will shortly be adding a new love to her life with the birth of her second grandchild We are delighted to have Jan as part of the HH team. She combines a love of life with integrity and warmth as she seeks to share her skills and experience with those who need a friend and a helping hand.

Helping Hands Team

With over twenty years serving seniors Colleen comes to us with a wealth of experience and knowledge. A warm, friendly individual, she greatly values the relationships she develops one–on–one with her clients and particularly enjoys listening to and sharing stories. With a 'can do' attitude she encourages people in many walks of life. Having lived in the UK for 18 years, during which time she cared for her mother–in–law, Colleen relocated back to Victoria to care for her own mother and support her through her journey with Alzheimer's.

With a passion for nutrition and healthy eating (cooking and baking) Colleen understands the complexities of dietary needs (having food intolerances herself) and helps her clients achieve healthy food options.

Colleen is a super organizer and is a great homemaker. In her spare time she enjoys nothing more than getting out in the fresh air and making the most of the many beautiful walkways Victoria has to offer. When not out walking or busy in the kitchen Colleen likes to kick back and read a good book.

Colleen's background and hands-on experience makes her a great asset to our team and we are delighted to have her on board

Helping Hands Team

Karen is originally from Alberta but now, after 16 years, she calls Victoria home. She brings her knowledge as a Registered Community Care Worker and her experience in community ministry and counselling to serve with Helping Hands. Her upbeat approach to caring for seniors is one of her many strengths, and her ability to understand the enormous value of each individual sharpens her capability to assist them. Karen feels that the need for relationship building is a vital part of working with those needing a helping hand and this is evident in all her client interactions. Karen is sensitive to the different circumstances that each client faces and while being an empathic listener she strives to find workable solutions. Karen's background in counselling is often appreciated in difficult situations. She is a very loving person who openly shares her heart with those she seeks to help and encourage. Karen loves spending time with her toddler granddaughter. She is also a great lover of the outdoors and enjoys the beauty of nature. Indoors she relishes documentaries and people's life stories. Karen is truly valued by Helping Hands and all her clients. We feel so blessed to have her onboard.

Helping Hands Team

Since joining the Helping Hands team Laura has not looked back There's something very significant about being in the right place at the right time and Laura's move to Helping Hands was perfect timing With a 15 year background in high school teaching Laura brings a myriad of talent to her role as a compassionate and highly efficient companion. She is a great organizer and is very resourceful when it comes to “getting things done” for her clients. Laura loves having the ability to tailor care and companionship for each individual client's needs and derives great personal benefit from the client relationship. Laura has traveled widely and derives much pleasure from listening to stories of other people's life adventures. She also has a tremendous love of reading. We truly value Laura's knowledge and expertise as a member of our team.

Helping Hands Team

Lesley considers Victoria her home since moving here from Calgary just after graduation. She grew up witnessing her mom serve those in need and this was a perfect match for Lesley, with her genuine heart for others. Lesley has raised four lovely daughters and is now blessed with two grand–children. Lesley is an avid gardener, a keen photographer and enjoys cooking and reading. Lesley felt called to be of service to others, to share her compassionate heart and attentive, joyful spirit. She is fun–loving and has a wonderful ability to give her undivided attention at every client interaction.

It is very much my desire to treat those I serve with the dignity, respect and appreciation they deserve. For me it's a win–win situation .

We greatly value Lesley's heart of service and she is a delightful team member.

Helping Hands Team

Linda has a background in childhood development and experience working with physically disabled children and adults, and emotionally challenged adults. This experience has given Linda a great skill set comprising patience, empathy and sympathy, enabling her to develop as a first rate communicator. Seventeen years of helping her husband operate a successful bed and breakfast has fostered Linda's love of hospitality and service. Cooking in a community setting in Switzerland, managing and cooking in a small restaurant in England, and serving breakfast to hundreds of guests over the years have all been useful skills for Linda's current role with Helping Hands as she makes delicious meals for those clients struggling with their appetite. Linda loves to share her life's experiences with her clients and we greatly value her unique contribution to the team.

Helping Hands Team

Thelma feels blessed to have spent her early married years raising her two children. She then started her working career as an Activity Coordinator with the elderly in her native Netherlands.  After emigrating to Canada Thelma worked as a Special Education Assistant in both an elementary and high school setting. She believes that we should try to give back to the community and be good caretakers of the earth. Thelma demonstrates this through volunteering at her church and serving for many years with the Therapeutic Riding Association. She believes we should reduce, reuse, and recycle. Thelma is also studying Western Herbal Medicine and so combines her love for plants with overall healthy living. As well, she has many interests and hobbies from knitting and sewing to cooking, gardening and backpacking. Seeing and bringing out the natural abilities in her clients, along with her desire to improve their overall quality of life is of utmost importance to Thelma. We are delighted that she has the perfect platform to bring her special skills and life experience to those who need a helping hand.

Helping Hands Team

Born in Victoria and a mother of four, Carren's artistic and creative abilities play a large part in her service to others. With a Master of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Concordia in Montreal, Carren now works with seniors as an art teacher and activity aid. She has also written and published an art activity book for seniors focusing on the physical and mental challenges that come with age.

Carren's creativity extends to tactile projects such as sewing, knitting and crochet, not to mention building her own outdoor shed When Carren is making 'something' she's happy

As if this wasn't enough to keep her busy, Carren loves to get out and walk her two dogs as well as cycling for fitness. She also enjoys reading, baking, movies and live theatre.

Helping Hands is a perfect fit for Carren and we know that her clients will enjoy her care, creativity and zest for life We are delighted to have her on board.

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