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Helping Hands Home Care Testimonials

"I called Helping Hands when I realized that my mother needed more assistance than I could give her. Part of the problem was finding the actual time to support my 93 year old parent who was starting to show some cognitive decline, but part of the problem was the fact that our relationship was sometimes rocky as my mother had a prickly personality that I had previously managed by creating occasional short breaks and distance to re fuel and thus be a more loving daughter! Having realized that taking breaks would not work with an aging parent at risk, I spoke to Janette Kelly, the owner and operator who came and met my Mum who immediately warmed to her and seemed delighted to have a new friend in her life. I can truly say we never looked back. Not only was Janette an amazing discerning and kind companion, she genuinely loved my Mum and helped me to love her better as well. By the time Mum passed away at the age of 97, Janette was not just my Mum's companion but was part of our family. Helping Hands puts caring at the center of everything they do."

Chris and Stan

"After recovering from a very bad experience with an award‐winning in‐home care agency in Victoria, we were hesitant and skeptical that we would be able to trust again and find a replacement in-home care agency to care for our mother.   However, Helping Hands changed our mind. From their daily reports, consistent communication, honesty, prompt responses to emails, this is what makes Helping Hands stand out from their competitors. The steady communication and feedback enabled us to feel actively involved and helped us rebuild our trust in the in‐home care system. Helping Hands staff consistently went above and beyond in their delivery of customer service excellence and far exceeded our expectations.   Janette, Sharon, Suzanne, and Jacqui at Helping Hands enabled my mother to live a meaningful and purposeful life which we will be ever grateful.   If you are looking for an in‐home care agency that is professional, reliable, attentive, compassionate, committed, and with integrity, look no further".


Helen and Rod Lee 

I am so thankful for all of the care and compassion that Janette and her team have provided to my dad over the last few years of his life. It made it easier to go to work each day knowing that he wouldn't be alone all day. Wanda, Marie‐Noelle and their back up person Lesley are very supportive, reliable and caring. It was reassuring to know that they were there, making him a proper lunch every day and making sure he had clean clothes and bedding. They would even bring treats for the cat and vacuum up the cat hair&ex! They are more than caregivers they become friends. They took him to some of his doctor's appointments and they always offered to take him anywhere he wanted to go, sometimes they took him for drives when he felt up to it. They are all very accommodating and supportive to the family as well. I would recommend Helping Hands to anyone.

Shelly McAvella

We are grateful to Helping Hands for the care they showed to our beloved Dad. He had early stages of Dementia and the ladies would take him to Tim Horton's for his most favourite treat in the world.... an ice cap. They were committed, consistent and kind.



Before going to extended care my wife was provided care a couple times a week by Helping Hands. The two girls that came to care for her were wonderful and above exceptional; I don't think we could have had better help. She looked forward to these visits as they would go for lunch, visit Butchart Gardens, go to the hairdresser etc. It certainly brightened her day. A very reliable company.


So many thanks to you and the beautiful women who cared for Adele for months and months. Her transition cycle (throughout that time), which certainly had many challenging days, ended yesterday morning with her birth into another dimension. Whoever said that birth is without intensity for all concerned?! The understanding, care and love of all in your team for Adele was so excellent. We are deeply grateful. Bless you all,

Michael and Barbara

Janette Kelly and the ladies of Helping Hands assisted my mother for over three years. Unfailingly kind and compassionate, their help was always warmed with much humour. I initially contacted Janette to help with a weekly bath and was impressed with the time she took to develop a sense of the personalities who would best suit Mum. Eventually, Helping Hands was providing care 24/7 which, in the end, included post-surgical help with required exercises. No request from Mum was ever questioned – the ladies were there to do for her what she could no longer do for herself in her personal space. She never had a concern about someone not being there when expected, and never expressed or showed signs of anxiety for her safety or security. In fact, with regard to assuaging anxiety, Janette arranged for Mum's caregivers to attend a session in hospital with Mum and the physiotherapist, which meant that Mum could relax, knowing that her caregivers did really know how to help her. The opportunity, as described above, to learn directly from the physiotherapist, also demonstrates Janette's concern for caregivers' safety, and I am absolutely certain that she would never place them ‐ or leave them ‐ in a situation that put them at risk. In this regard, Janette also remains closely connected to the professional community of which she is a part, and sees to it that caregivers attend relevant workshops to keep current with knowledge in their field. The care provided by Helping Hands is truly "above and beyond" and it has been a rare privilege to be a witness to that.


Very truly yours, Kimberlay Pearce

We want to thank you and Viv for being so wonderful to our Mom over the past couple of years.  Viv's visits with Mom gave us a lot of peace of mind ‐ and I know Mom loved seeing her every Tuesday and Friday.  They formed a nice friendship &da‐ which was so wonderful.  It was good for us to get that report from Viv every week and to have the assurance that Mom was eating well and doing ok.  We really appreciated all the kindness and support you both showed our Mom ‐ and our family.  Bringing Helping Hands into our Mom's life was one of the best decisions we could have made for Mom.  It helped her to remain in her home and independent ‐ which is exactly what she wanted.


When my 85 year old Mom fell, and as a result was hospitalized with a broken hip and dislocated shoulder, we needed to turn to professional help. Helping Hands was recommended by a family member. I recall phoning the office and was met on the other end with Janette's confident and empathic attitude. Immediately it eased much concern. I explained to Janette that I lived two provinces away and needed assistance for Mom, and she walked me through the process. She listened to what was needed, and explained the best steps to start with and how we could proceed as Mom healed. Janette and her colleagues have a very good understanding and connections with the health care facilities in Victoria, understand protocol, in our case with regards to much needed Physiotherapy and equipment and supplies we needed to rent and working with the LPN. The level of care in the beginning was full time. As Mom healed, it changed to suit her needs. Janette and her Helping Hands team communicated very well with myself (at a distance) and Mom (their client) and extended family (as well). We were all on the same page and the goal was to support and empower healing. It has been nine months and due to the excellent care, Mom has been able to pick up the threads of her life, and has regained her much treasured independence. We still rely on Helping Hands for once a week visits and know that if Mom's needs become greater these very competent and kind women will be there for support. I would highly recommend Helping Hands : a qualified, compassionate and committed team.

Angie Schmidt

Helping Hands always provided my mother with the best of care. Our family always knew our mom was in the most capable hands when they were taking care of her. She was treated as family; with respect, understanding, encouragement and love. Janette, Al and Joanne were my mom's second family. We will always remember everything that Helping Hands did for Mom. Beth Boyd "As our father aged, we found it difficult to keep up with his wants needs. He was very resistant to having anyone but family to help him until he met Janette of Helping Hands.  Dad very quickly regarded her as a good friend and looked forward to her visits.  Janette has an amazing way with people, and thanks to her and the Helping Hands team, we had another set of eyes and hands to look out for our Dad and keep us informed of the visits.  We found a winner here."

Barbara Powell and Brenda Nicolson

Thank you for sending Helen to mom, it was a great relief for me knowing mom was enjoying the company of her friend and getting out when I wasn't able to do that. This made such a big difference to her quality of life. Janette does a wonderful job people‐matching and my mom was quickly comfortable and looking forward to seeing Helen every week. I loved the thoughtful extras Helen brought with her on her visits.


When my brother and I first met Janette over coffee in the fall of 2013, we both instantly knew that her unique combination of kindness and no‐nonsense manner was a perfect match for our dad who was moving into the later stages of Alzheimers and becoming increasingly difficult. Within a few months of visiting our parents' house to care for dad and to give mom a break, Janette had won the entire family over with her intelligence, charm, and sensitivity to our particular situation. Later when our mother became ill, Janette sent over Sharon, who was just lovely and gentle with her. Aging and end‐of‐life is hard, but Helping Hands made these years better for all of us. I highly recommend Helping Hands to anyone looking for personalized care delivered with dignity, kindness, and intelligence.


Marianne Sorensen

It was reassuring to know that someone would be in daily to check on my parents while I was out of the province. Helping Hands support workers were kind and caring and Dad loved going for walks in the wheelchair. Thank you all for your caring and support.


Sheila, Richard and Sally Moulton

I arranged for Helping Hands to provide companionship for a client. Janette and her team were amazing. My client looked forward to every visit, and they greatly enhanced his quality of life. I would highly recommend Helping Hands to anyone.

John S Waldie Law Corporation

In 2013 we were fortunate enough to find Helping Hands and were immediately impressed with Janette's respect for mom and her caring, yet professional manner.  Mom was assisted by Joanne who brought so much fun and laughter with her to every visit.  It was a fit!  When Mom had her annual visit this year, we requested Joanne again.  Mom was so pleased to have someone familiar and to carry on this positive relationship.  Next year we hope Mom will get to visit with Joanne again! I can't say enough good things about you and Joanne.

All the best, Kimberly

I enjoyed our games of Scrabble immensely ‐ even though she beat me !

Frances, Saanichton BC

He thinks she's wonderful ‐ we all do as well ! Dad is quite different from when you first met him. I cannot believe the overall improvement in his health and general well being.

R Sebastian, Victoria

It must have been my "lucky day". I picked "Helping Hands" and I liked the friendly reception I received from owner/manager Janette. For four months, I had wonderful care from Joanne. She really brightened my days of confinement, as well as doing household chores and personal care that I wasn't capable of doing. Helping Hands is a good company and they really do care ! I would recommend them to anyone needing home support.

Sincerely, Irene Dzeoba

She has blossomed in a way I never thought possible and is such a happy person now. There should be a Trish for everybody !

Anne, Sidney

Wanda, I know you deeply cared for dad and brought such thoughtfulness and kindness to every visit. I know he cared for you very much and you brightened his life in very beautiful ways. Thank you for everything. I am so grateful.

Barbara P, Victoria

We so appreciate the extraordinary daily care provided to our Mother, Ruth, for the past 3 years by your caring, loving, experienced team members. This special care gave all of our family peace of mind knowing that Mom was safe and comfortable and allowed to her to stay in her own home. Having now reached 103 years of age, she is now in an Extended Care Facility and is still visited by your staff, her former care givers ..... amazing. Special thanks to Heidi, Joanne and Lily........Thanks Janette

Sincerely, Bruce & Karen and Family

As her only surviving child, I needed help to keep Helene happy and safe ‐ and I needed more help than her Care Home provided. "Helene's Ladies" from Helping Hands were always there to let me know when I needed to get her hearing aids fixed, or get her new shoes, or just to let me know how much she enjoyed her visit with their therapy dog ! And when I managed to make it to Victoria to visit Helene she was always calm and relaxed because she was in good hands and well cared for. I would recommend Helping Hands for anyone who wants to be sure their elderly loved ones have the care and personal attention they need to feel cared for and happy.

Clara Johnson, Vancouver

Janette Kelly and her excellent staff at Helping Hands provided my mother with invaluable care, companionship, and assistance in the last six months of her life.   Knowing that Mom was in such kind and capable hands allowed me to continue to work and live my life with the confidence that Mom was truly valued and safe when with Helping Hands. I highly recommend Helping Hands for their high quality work in senior care, something which I have witnessed first‐hand.

Marjorie Blackwood, Galiano Island, BC

Over the past few months my Mother has had the pleasure of being with Marie‐Noelle from Helping Hands for companionship and light housekeeping support.  Marie‐Noelle was always on time and has demonstrated a keen interest in working with seniors and is very kind, patient and caring.  My Mother was always bright and perky after spending the afternoon visits and outings with Marie‐Noelle. I would recommend Marie‐Noelle as a great companion to anyone.

Jacquie from Victoria

There are not enough "thank yous" to express to you for all the help, encouragement and prayer that Monika gave to our Mom.

The first time Mom told us about Monika we knew God had sent the very best. Being away from home it was so reassuring for us to know Mom was being cared for.

Thank you Monika for your servant heart ! May God's smile always be upon you.

Kathleen, Garry and Dennis

Thank you so much for all you've done for my Mom, I don't know how I could ever have gotten her into a safe care home and gotten her old home sold and gone without your help ! I hope you can continue to help my Mom for years to come !

Clara Johnson, Vancouver

Mom's day was always brightened when therapy dog Kona came to visit her. She was proud to show her off to her friends who lived in the same facility.   She loved to have Kona sit on her lap and always asked that she come back on our next visit.


Helping Hands truly lives up to its name. When looking for a companion for my sister, Gloria, I was most impressed with Janette and her caring companion, Sue.

Janette took Gloria's needs and personality into consideration and matched her with Sue; a relationship which was close from the start. Gloria and Sue shared many adventures together and it was comforting to know that Gloria was in good hands and had made a new friend.

I would strongly recommend Helping Hands to any person or family who are looking for caring and compassionate services for a loved one.

Regards, Dawne

Mom and I want to thank you and especially Sue for the wonderful service you have provided. You have made every effort to accommodate our needs, even on short notice and have provided a consistent companion, so Mom did not have to adjust to many different faces.

I also appreciated your prompt reports after each service and your efficiency in general. I will not hesitate to recommend your services to those needing your do indeed "touch lives in practical ways".

Thank you very much ! Joan Stirling.

Thanks so much for your detailed updates about your observations and visits with my Mom.  I really appreciate reading them.  It is very comforting to me to know that someone else is keeping an eye on how she is doing and helping to improve the quality of her days.  I also really enjoy seeing the pictures.  You have taken some great ones that are now in my photo albums.

S Clark, McKenzie, BC

I had the wonderful experience to meet such a loving lady who has cared for my dad and transported him to see his wife while she has been ill, as mom and dad live in different facilities.

We have had the opportunity to converse and joke with Janette during those visits like she was part of our family. My dad felt very comfortable from day one with Janette and was able to express his most heartfelt emotions and concerns with her, while Janette was able to communicate with him in her gentle way.

My mom also came to love Janette and felt very comfortable during their visits. She never felt that Janette was an intrusion during their visits and had many laughs.

JR, Victoria

My heartfelt gratitude is extended to Helping Hands for their exceptional, loving 24 hour quality caregiving to my mother, gently and compassionately comforting her during the last two weeks of her life. Many, many thanks for your wonderful service. Brian Burnett, Victoria

Helping hands came to my home every day and ensured my recovery by doing ‐ and doing well ‐ all the things I was unable to do: all my usual tasks, all kinds of shopping, and a variety of neighborhood errands. I was driven  to my appointments with doctor, hairdresser,  physiotherapist and bank. Importantly, it was the same supportive person, Vivienne, who walked in my door each morning. My recovery was hastened, I am sure, by the consistent and friendly company of this same person, by our shared laughter, and by the forging of a comforting relationship. This personal consistency is one of Helping Hands' basic policies. Also, I was aware always of a back‐up of other services and personnel available to me, and of the high standards and friendly attitude on the part of those in the organization whom I came to know. I now feel that I have made some new friends !


J Irvine, Victoria

On behalf of my family I am delighted to share our experience of the service provision our mom receives from Helping Hands.

Having Janette as a consistent companion for mom's weekly outings has made all the difference in the world to her overall well‐being; it has also encouraged our whole family, knowing the sincerity of Janette's friendship and her genuine caring attitude. The regular "in‐touch" reports provide us with peace of mind and we enjoy receiving photos of mom out and about, having a great time !

We are thrilled with how things have progressed since that first visit. Mom's attitude has completely changed from, "I don't need a babysitter" to "this is my very good friend, Janette."

Our family is very connected, loving and busy. We visit and care for mom in her Assisted Living residence as much as possible. Having Janette from Helping Hands come alongside as mom's friend and companion during those times in the week when we simply can't be there is a special blessing. It is so freeing to know that mom looks forward to her time with Janette with great anticipation. This extra dimension to her life provides a quality which otherwise would not have been possible. This means so much to both mom and the rest of the family that we are increasing the frequency of Janette's visits each week.

I would whole‐heartedly recommend Helping Hands as a first rate service provider. Thank you Janette and the Helping Hands team.

M McMullen, Victoria

S Clark, McKenzie, BC

I am impressed with the level of professionalism exhibited by you and your staff.

Mom really did enjoy her time with Heidi. I am impressed with the level of professionalism exhibited by you and your staff. I will definitely be using your services again in the future. I don't really get away that often but when I do, you can be sure I will be calling you.

Mary, clients' daughter in Victoria

she understood right away that I needed assistance for my father and that she could help me take some of the pressure off from having to be with him during the daytime. She was organized and very helpful with other resources as well. Lily was his caregiver and she did a great job helping my father out. He told me she was "like his mother" ‐ always making sure he had everything he needed from tying his shoes, driving him, taking him to appointments on time, talking and sharing stories over coffee. Thanks a bunch to both of you for being there for my father and me.

Dale, Victoria

I am impressed with the level of professionalism exhibited by you and your staff.

Janette Kelly and her excellent staff at Helping Hands provided my mother with invaluable care, companionship, and assistance in the last six months of her life.   Knowing that Mom was in such kind and capable hands allowed me to continue to work and live my life with the confidence that Mom was truly valued and safe when with Helping Hands. I highly recommend Helping Hands for their high quality work in senior care, something which I have witnessed first‐hand.

Marjorie Blackwood, Galiano Island, BC

"I cannot think of enough positive things to say about the Helping Hands companions who visited my friend, Diana for the last 5 months of her life. She died suddenly of a massive brain hemorrhage but before that did not actually need any physical care.  She was experiencing increasing memory loss, had lost her driver's license and was lonely.  Her only family were a niece and nephew who lived in Toronto.  Lesley, Wanda and Suzanne were her 3 main companions‐one of whom spent 2 ‐ 3 hours with her 7 days a week.  They walked nearly every day, drove her to appointments, went shopping, helped with meal preparation and most of all made her feel happy and loved."

Dea Wallace, Victoria

Helping Hands have helped my family in many ways which have shown their abilities to not only provide practical assistance, but which have given us amazing blessings. Our elderly WW11 veteran was able to relate with a helper who was knowledgeable in history, was an interested listener, and was a great tea maker! As well, the visiting therapy dog was a comfort and pleasure to have. Just what he needed! My middle aged daughter with many challenges to face, had the blessing to receive a helper who became the most understanding friend she ever has had! Under her intelligent care, my daughter has been able to blossom into a friendly and outgoing person, and express her many hidden talents. The joy brought to her and the family have made us rename our helper, The Angel!


Grateful client, Sidney, BC

We so appreciate the extraordinary daily care provided to our Mother, Ruth, for the past 3 years by your caring, loving, experienced team members. This special care gave all of our family peace of mind knowing that Mom was safe and comfortable and allowed to her to stay in her own home. Having now reached 103 years of age, she is now in an Extended Care Facility and is still visited by your staff, her former care givers .....amazing. Special thanks Janette

Sincerely, Bruce & Karen and Family

Helping Hands came into my life at a time when my father's care had become unreliable and chaotic.  They went above and beyond any care I had experienced in the previous three years.  The transition was smooth and uneventful.  Helping Hands came through at a moments notice and did not overlook any needs my father required.  The care givers were always in great spirits and enjoyed lending a helping hand.  Care, compassion and empathy are what Helping Hands is all about.

Thank you for being there. Janice Betts

Thank you so much for the "Helping Hands" support over the past ten months. The caring support made life easier for my mother. Your services made such a difference in my mother's life and the weekly updates were appreciated by the family. The world is a better place because of you ‐ my world especially.

Sheelagh, client daughter Victoria BC

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ‐ but especially mine!


Isabel Albert, daughter of Diana Henderson

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