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Helping Hands Frequently Asked Questions

A companion service can be any number of services. When you are no longer able to get through every day situations without a little help, or simply want a friend alongside, we are here to provide the support, encouragement and commitment you need. We aim to treat every client as a member of our own family.
Home care provides practical help with daily tasks around the home, such as laundry, light housekeeping ( we keep a 'tidy house' tidy ), meal prep, closet organization. No two client needs are identical and we provide a flexible approach to each situation.

Helping Hands currently serves Greater Victoria, Sooke and the Saanich Peninsula.
This is a decision for you and/or your family. Helping Hands can provide companionship or respite care, easing the burden for family care givers and providing If someone is lonely and simply needs a friend, we are here to share our time and our hearts. If practical help is required, or someone just needs a friend or emotional assistance, you can rely on Helping Hands to be your support mechanism. If a family care giver simply needs a break, you can be confident that we will take excellent care of your loved one. Whatever the reason, we are here to help, enabling all those involved to experience enhanced quality of life.

Yes. Helping Hands holds a current B.C. business license. Our Helping Hands Companions are fully insured and bonded and have been thoroughly screened. We are learners for life and undertake a continuum of training in order to provide enhanced service experiences. Passionate about quality service in every aspect of daily life, we are confident that you will receive help and support over and above your expectations and enjoy a fulfilling relationship with your Helping Hands Companion.

We are not an Island Health contract service, neither are we Government subsidized. However, some insurers have provided coverage to clients. Please discuss our services with your health insurance provider.

A Helping Hands Companion is just like a good friend ‐ always ready to lend a helping hand We will do whatever is necessary to ensure that our clients live life to the fullest potential. We are passionate about our work and committed to those we seek to help. We can talk, play games, go to movies, create art, take walks, help prepare meals, walk the dog, feed the cat, organize things in the home, do light housework ‐ just about anything you would be comfortable asking a friend to do.

We also take clients out for meals, accompany them on shopping trips (or do the shopping for them), as well as attending special events. We drive people to various medical appointments, organize special birthday celebrations, undertake secretarial ⁄ computer work, drop holiday travellers off at the airport and much more. We like to think of ourselves as family, and undertake all the tasks a family member would do.

Definitely. Medical appointments can be stressful and it is often a great comfort to have a friend close by. If you wish, we can join you during your appointment, or wait for you in the reception area. Whatever you decide, we will take you door to door. We can also inform a family member about medical results if that is required.

Yes. We undertake light housekeeping such as tidying, dusting, vacuuming and laundry. Basically we keep a 'tidy house' tidy.
Yes. We are always available when you need us. Please call us to discuss rates for extended stay requests or overnight visits.
No. We provide services on an 'as needed' basis. You do not need to sign a long‐term contract to receive our services.
We can perform many small tasks such as changing light bulbs, hanging pictures, re‐arranging furniture and many minor household repairs. We can also liaise with several reputable local licensed professionals who can deal with larger repairs.
We send invoices once per month, i.e., visitations made in May will be billed the first week in June, with payment due upon receipt of the invoice.
Just call us and we can help you determine whether our services will benefit your loved one and provide the type of care you seek.

We will be delighted to provide a complimentary in‐home consultation at your convenience with you and ⁄ or your loved one to assess a potential client's need and their willingness to have a new friend in their life. Send us an e-mail and we will call you to arrange an appointment to meet.

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