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Janette Kelly



BA (Hons), MA, CPCA

Janette is the owner ⁄ operator of Helping Hands Personal Support Services Limited.

Back in 1984, in Lancashire, UK, Janette, together with her sister and mom, operated a small residential rest home ( assisted living ).

As our lives intertwined with our new 'family members' we spent precious hours supporting and encouraging one another through times of individual difficulty and sorrow, and celebrating everyone's joys and the delights of life. We cherished our residents and appreciated the mutual enrichment brought to all our lives. The personal fulfillment I derived from those formative years serving seniors continues to warm my heart today.

Janette Kelly, Owner ⁄ Operator

Those early years in home care helped Janette gain an appreciation of seniors on a deeper level, as they shared stories and wisdom from their life experiences ‐ an appreciation which she feels is crucial in meeting the needs of her clients today.

Having moved to Canada in 2002 to marry her husband Al, Janette has continued to work with seniors in varied social settings.

Thrilled to be able to provide Helping Hands as a Home Care service offering in Victoria, Janette is also proud to support World Vision, helping those less fortunate than ourselves in the global community.

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